A beach holiday is something that most people long for the whole year. With the Suntech solar system, you can provide a wonderful alternative to going away and give visitors that long-awaited break during daily life.
In Suntech´s inspiring and unique environment, visitors can spend time together in a completely new way. You can offer your customers a delightful, holiday experience guaranteed to etch itself into their memory and create added value and profitability.

The sun can be anywhere

The sun simulator is discreet when not in use and can easily blend into a workplace environment or a public setting such as a community centre. Our sunlight provides businesses with a great differentiator and greatly enhances sauna facilities, yoga or relaxation rooms, winter gardens, cafés or cruise ships. Give us your suggestion and we will try to solve it.

Sun, pool and adventure
Sun and water is an almost unbeatable combination. So if you already have one - why not have the other? What fits better than a brilliant sun in a glittering pool environment? Suntech´s solar system is the perfect complement providing your customer with an extraordinary authentic experience.
The photos are taken at Birka Cruises, Terrassen by Birka - the biggest winter garden in Sweden with sun, pools and ocean view.