sunlight simulation

The heart of the Suntech system is a special solar simulator. This replicates across the sun´s entire spectrum, providing both energizing light and delightful nourishing heat.
A control system recreates the daily time variations and visitors can experience a shortened day, from early dawn to sunset.
Background sounds recreates an appropriate atmosphere for your environment, for example, a tropical day. Together with ventilation which feels like a soothing breeze, everything combines to become a unique experience where vision, hearing, touch and climate interact.

Our technology for sunlight simulation evolved out of procedures for testing different materials in the automotive industry, where we investigated how different systems and materials were affected by sunlight. We have also used the technology to test the tolerance of various materials to heat and sunlight in desert-like conditions.

It is more than thirty years since the company was commissioned to develop artificial sunlight for the Swedish automotive industry. The technology has evolved and today the sunlight reaches a wider audience. Now people can enjoy light, warmth and glorious sunshine in a variety of places. It is not only in Sweden we spread sunlight and heat, Suntech's rays have reached no less than eleven countries.

Suntech Hexagon, custom made design
Suntech Hexagon, custom made design
Suntech Triple Design
Suntech Triple Design
Suntech Triple Basic
Suntech Triple Basic

Suntech Hexagon - Custom made design
The Suntech Hexagon has fully automatic control with three different programs, including full day simulation, background audio and adjustment of temperature and time. It is possible, in principle, to expand the Hexagon to whatever size is required. Each lamp is hexagonal, enabling it to be easily assembled into a larger unit. The Suntech Hexagon also has fully automatic control with three different programs, including full day simulation, background audio and adjustment of temperature and time.

Suntech Triple Design and Suntech Triple Basic 
Suntech Triple is available in two appearances, Basic and Design.
Triple Design has a smother appearance and a grafit-metallic surface.
Triple Basic comes in two colours, white or sky-blue.
Suntech Triple provides sunlight of about 12 sqare metres, but several units can be connected if a larger sunlight area is required.
A simple to use touch screen offers three different programes, including full day simulation and control of background audio, temperature and time. 

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