Suntech becomes part of Ircon Drying Systems AB

Luzhniki Stadium Moscow
This summer we have had a large spread of our sunlight which, in addition to Sweden, was sent to the UK, Canada and Russia.
One of this summer's deliveries of our Suntech Triple went east, more specifically to the grand Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. Luzhniki Stadium is the national arena in Russia and it was completed as early as 1956. The arena has been renovated twice, last in 2017. Here many of the football matches and also the finals were played during the 2018 Worlds Championship. This is one of Russia's real landmarks. Now there will be a place in the arena where they can relax in sunlight and heat from Sweden.

Youtube - JOICO - Defy Damage experiment video Youtube - JOICO - Defy Damage experiment video

Many uses for Suntech's sunlight
Our artificial sunlight is used for tests of products and materials of many different kinds. One product test of the slightly unusual kind was when Joico tested how their hair care products work in extreme weather conditions. This film is also recorded in the climate wind tunnel in Trollhättan. Approximately 7 minutes into the film, the models take place in the climate chamber and at first get to feel sunlight and heat from the solar panels.

Youtube - Visiting NEVS – The Manufacturer of the Sion Youtube - Visiting NEVS – The Manufacturer of the Sion

Climate wind tunnel with solar simulation

Suntech has provided the automotive industry's climate systems with solar simulation for just over 30 years, and we continue to provide this technology for several car brands.
A month ago we were able to take part of the news that cars will again be built in our neighboring town Trollhättan. When German car manufacturer Sono Motors, who develops the electric car Sion, will start its serial production, it is Nevs who will build the car. Sion has aroused great interest with its solar cells integrated in the body. The climate wind tunnel at the factory in Trollhättan has long been equipped with solar simulation from Suntech. Approximately 1 minute into the film, you see a segment from the climate tunnel.

New care home in Linköping Sweden is investing in sunlight from Suntech 
Now the sunroom at Vallastaden's care home in Linköping has been decorated with a fine coastal-inspired interior.
The sun room is equipped with a Suntech Triple basic which gives sunlight of about 12 m² and it is just right for 4 - 6 seats.
Vallastaden's care home is a newly opened accommodation for people with dementia and on Thursday 16 May it is time for inauguration.

Sunlight in Bromma, Sweden
Now the residents of Nockebyhöjden's health and care home in Bromma have received a sun room with sunlight and warmth. The room is decorated with coastal inspired interior. The accommodation is run by Sällskapet Vänner to Pauvres Honteux (SVPH) which offers nursing and care accommodation in Bromma and senior housing in Bromma and Fredhäll.

Nice sun room installed in new exclusive care home in Nacka Stockholm

In a scenic archipelago environment in Graninge, Nacka municipality, a retirement and care home is planned beyond the ordinary. It is the company Silver Life, which focuses on high quality of life for an older population, which is behind the concept. With fantastic scenery outside the door, the newly installed sun room becomes a nice complement to the days and seasons that can be dark and cold. The sun room has been equipped with the solar simulator Triple Basic and has got a nice coastal inspired interior.

The project Graninge Strand comprises both nursing and care home and new production of 130 apartments. The apartments have an incredible view of the bay Baggensfjärden and the standard is high. The residents have access to a magnificent main building - Villa Boberg, designed by architect Ferdinand Boberg. Here there will be a manned lounge, a dining room, room for activities and a gym. It is in this prestigious building they now can enjoy the sun room with energizing light and delightful heat.

Sec Florea, Terrebonne CA Sec Florea, Terrebonne CA

Seniors in Canada enjoying sunlight from Suntech

Sunlight and heat are appreciated by the seniors in Canada. At Suntech, work is underway for the next delivery of solar simulators to Le Groupe Maurice Inc. The company offering retirees friendly living
environments  where a various levels of service and care are offered.

We have previously delivered solar simulators to ten of their residences, something which has proven to be appreciated, now the company has bought sunlight for another five units.

Their mission is to create exceptional residences where the residents can freely enjoy a lifestyle that offers social activities and healthcare, emphasizing respect, privacy, and comfort.

Anyone who wants to engage in wellness can visit the spa facilities with a varying range of activities. For example you can take a break from everyday life, sink into a comfortable chair, relax and enjoy the heat - in sunlight from Sweden.


Luxury spa hotels in England are investing in sunlight from Suntech

We bring sunlight far beyond Sweden's borders and have retailers in a number of countries. Here we present the two latest installations in England.​​​​​​​

Brooklands Hotel & Spa Surrey
A modern hotel with a range of spa facilities for its spa visitors. Now they also have a large area for guests who want to enjoy sunlight and heat. This luxurious sunlight department with several activities has a design that matches materials and colors with the rest of the spa hotel. To cover a larger area with sunlight, two Suntech Triple Basic solar units has been installed.

Brooklands Hotel & Spa Surrey

Rudding Park Hotel & Spa, Harrogate

One of Britain's top rated spa hotels. Here, visitors can enjoy the infinity pool, panoramic sauna, hot tub, sun terrace and a variety of treatments. The hotel searched for a new premium spa treatment to ensure guests continues to be delighted with spa offerings and premium entry fee. Now they have expanded its spa area with sunlight from Suntech. The solar unit they choose is a Suntech Triple Design that blends well into the environment and feels luxurious with its rounded shapes and graphite gray surface. Here, the visitors enjoy heated sunbeds and backlit murals of local nature. Spa visitors are delighted with the sun therapy and its positive effect on SAD and general well being.​​​​​​​

Triple in Suntech Triple for Gothenburg
We wrote a previous article about Gråbergets elderly care home in Majorna Linné Göteborg, which installed a sun room with coastal theme. Now two more elderly homes in the area have been equipped with each one's sun room, even those with nice coastal environment.

Stepping in through the door to the sun rooms is like coming to a sunny and summer-heated small village in the Swedish west coast. The jetty, fishing cabins, breaking waves and cliffs contribute to creating a nice break from everyday life. The solar experience offers a pleasant and social moment with other accommodations and staff, but also brings relaxation and recovery.

The rooms that have been converted into sun rooms have previously had completely different uses and have now got an extensive transformation. The sunlit area in the rooms is about 12 sqm and then the sun unit Suntech Triple fits perfectly. Read more about our solar simulators.


Visit us at Kistamässan in Stockholm Sweden - Free exhibition ticket
Tuesday 22´nd - Wednesday 23´rd January, it is time for MVTe -  A meeting place for welfare technology and e-health.
MVTe offers a conference and fair where municipal healthcare and social services can meet the actors and innovators in the industry.
Welcome to our stand H: 14.
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Summer in January.
Today you can read about how winter dips can be cured in the webb guide Alltomstockholm.se. They publish a list of places in Stockholm where you can get a much needed injection of summer - in the middle of winter.
If you want to enjoy the solar experience from Suntech you will find the yoga facility Nirvana and Centralbadet in the list.
Read the full list where you can get a summer boost in Stockholm

Merry Christmas!

Fin kustmiljö i Göteborg
Nu har Gråbergets äldreboende fått ett solrum där boende och personal kan njuta året runt. Rummet har inretts med kusttema och har många fina inredningsdetaljer.
Gråberget är först ut av tre äldreboenden som ska installera solrum i stadsdelen Majorna Linné i Göteborg.
                                                                             * * * * * * * 
Nice coastal environment in Gothenburg
Now the caretaker and staff, at Gråbergets elderly home in Gothenburg, can enjoy the sunlight from Suntech. When you step into the sunroom it is just like the scenery of Swedish west coast a sunny summer day. The room has been decorated
with authentic details from the archipelago in Bohuslän.  
Gråberget is one out of three elderly homes who are going to install a sunroom in the district of Majorna Linné, Gothenburg.

Bostadsrättsmässan 22 - 23 november Svenska Mässan Göteborg
Kom till vår monter på Bostadsrättsmässan, B09:52
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Fair for tenant-ownership 22 - 23 November Swedish Fair in Gothenburg
Visit our stand at "Bostadsrättsmässan", B09: 52
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Bohusgården Hotell & Konferens i Uddevalla har erbjudit sina kunder solljus från Suntech sedan 2011. Nu har de installerat ytterligare en Suntech Trippel och fler besökare kan njuta av ljus och värme i deras nyrenoverade spa-avdelning.
Bohusgården Spa
                                                                                       * * * * * * *
Bohusgården Hotell & Konferens in Uddevalla has offered our sunlight to customers since 2011.
Now they have added one more Suntech Triple and more visitors can enjoy light and warmth in
their newly renovated spa facility.
Bohusgården Spa

Lagom till kyligare och mörkare årstid kan nu de boende på Bäcklidens äldre-
boende i Vinninga strax utanför Lidköping njuta av ljus och värme i sitt nya solrum.

* * * * * * *

Just in time for the cooler and darker season, the tenants of Bäckliden's older- accommodation in Vinninga, Lidköping, can enjoy sunlight and warmth in their new sunroom from Suntech.

Äldreomsorgsdagarna 18 -19 oktober Stockholmsmässan Älvsjö 

Även i år kommer vi vara en av utställarna på ÄO-dagarna. 
Vi brukar ha högt tryck i vår monter. Varmt välkommen att besöka oss B05:11! 

Äldreomsorgsdagarna, även känd som ÄO-dagarna, är den självklara mötesplatsen för alla i äldreomsorgen och arrangeras i år för sjuttonde gången. Under två dagar kan man lyssna till föreläsare som informerar om allt från den senaste forskningen till inspiration och nya arbetsmetoder.

Bostadsrättsmässan 5 - 6 oktober på Malmömässan
Kom till vår monter på Bostadsrättsmässan.

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Solhälsan i Borås
Nu kan du boka tid i det sprillans nya solrummet på Solhälsan i Borås.

Solsäkrat på Ursand Resort & Camping
Ursands Resort & Camping har en ny SPA-anläggning som är öppen för alla året runt. Här är det nu även garanterat högtryck alla dagar i veckan då vi utrustat anläggningen med solljus och värme.

Selma Spa i Sunne har laddat med sol
Skön återhämtning kan du få på Selma Spa i Sunne. Nu har de även en solmiljö från Suntech där du kan slappna av, njuta och ladda batterierna. 

Trumslagargården vård- och omsorgsboende
Nu kan de boende på Trumslagargården i Eskilstuna njuta av solljus och värme från Suntech.