Get that Sunny feeling! 

Suntech Group AB build custom designed solar simulators and surroundings where people can recover, revitalize and feel good. 
The solar experience with light and heat improves well-being and promotes relaxation and new energy.


Well-being and positive health effects.

Recovery and nice relaxation.

Nice break in everyday life.

Climate impact on systems and materials.

comments by visitors in sun enviroments

"After a visit you are happy and alert. That's an incredibly significant difference!"
Visitor in an yogastudio.

"– A favorite place for me is the spa facility at the bathing house in Skövde where I live. There is a simulated tropical beach. I ask myself if I want to Bali, Mauritius or the Caribbean. Then the wind, i.e. the fans, starts to blow, and the sun, i.e. the lights, starts to shine. Wonderfully!"
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